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Boutique & Mitumba Business in Kenya – Titus Mirieri



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Boutique & Mitumba Business in Kenya – Titus Mirieri.

Making Money from Boutique & Mitumba business In Kenya.

Are you a passionate business person and want to start a fashion business either a boutique, clothing line (firsthand or mitumba), jewellery, shoe business e.t.c in Kenya? Are you in the dark about what activities you should do to ensure that your fashion business succeeds?

The big question is: Are you willing to learn how to start a successful fashion business? If yes, then this ebook will be your guide.

You will learn a lot of things in this ebook such as: How mitumba business works in Kenya, Importing of clothes, shoes and jewellery from Dubai, UK, USA and China, Setting up your boutique stall and how much you need, How to become a fashion designer and much more

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