SACCOs and Chamas Business Explained – Titus Mirieri


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SACCOs and Chamas Business Explained – by Titus Mirieri.

Learn how SACCOs and Chamas business works and how to profit from them.

Ever heard the story of the taxi driver who ended up owning an entire fleet of transport vehicles? Or the grocery lady who grew from one small kiosk to owning an entire estate of rental apartments? Well, behind all those sweet stories are little-known financial institutions commonly referred to as SACCOs and CHAMAs..

In this eBook, I will be educating you on how SACCOs and CHAMAs work and how you can gain from them as a member. Also, I will be listing some of the top SACCOs in Kenya, the benefits they offer to members and their contacts.

If you are already in a Chama or SACCO, I will also educate you on how to achieve success through various investment schemes. Above all, I included success stories of various individuals, SACCOs and Chamas in Kenya and how they made it.


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SACCOs and Chamas Business Explained – Titus Mirieri
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