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How to Easily Get Money to Start Your Business – Titus Mirieri



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How to Easily Get Money to Start Your Business – Titus Mirieri.

Lack of capital and Business underfunding is the biggest challenge affecting most Kenyan entrepreneurs. In fact, raising money should be the number one job of any good entrepreneur.

In this ebook, How to easily get money to start your business, I have covered every aspect of business startup funding, including:

• Finding hidden assets that you already have that can be turned to cash to invest in business.
• How to make your friends and family beg to give you money or get in on your business idea.
• How to get FREE and almost free money from the government and NGO agencies that already have these funds set aside for those who start new businesses.
• You’ll learn how to attract interest free funding from Angel investors who will give you funding for a small stake in your business or company.
• You’ll even learn how to deal with venture capitalists in Kenya.
• Raising Capital through Crowd funding
• How to Raise Funds through Mergers and Acquisitions
• How to Finance your Business Expansion with Equipment Leasing
• Taking your company public through IPO
• How to Write a Fundraising Proposal

And much more.

My eBook will enlighten you and open your eyes and you will notice that there is more money out there right now than there are good ideas to invest in. If you have a great business idea and you lack funds to start it, Read this eBook today and start seeing your ideas become well funded realities.

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