50+ Digital Products You Can Sell Online in Kenya

Shopika.com is the premier digital marketplace in Kenya, providing comprehensive eCommerce services for a wide range of digital products. You can easily sell a variety of downloadable goods on Shopika.com. Our automated platform ensures swift delivery of your digital products to your customers immediately after payment. Conveniently accept online payments through M-Pesa paybill, Airtel Money, Visa, Mastercard, and more. Here’s an extensive list of products that you can market on our platform or any other site you are familiar with in Kenya.

UPDATE: As of November 2017, Shopika.com exclusively supports the sale of house plans and architectural items. Items not created by architects will not be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we have chosen to focus on this specific niche.

List of Digital Products You Can Sell Online in Kenya and Generate Income

Below, you’ll find an extensive list of digital products that you can successfully sell on Shopika.com:

  1. 3D Files
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Book Summaries
  4. Business Plans
  5. Business Tutorials
  6. Class Notes
  7. Document Templates
  8. Ebooks
  9. Email Templates
  10. Food Recipes
  11. Fonts
  12. House Plans and Designs
  13. Joomla Templates
  14. Icons
  15. Landing Pages
  16. Magazines
  17. Mobile Applications (Must be zipped)
  18. Product Mock-ups
  19. Quality Photos
  20. Revision Materials
  21. Software (Must be zipped)
  22. Travel Guides
  23. Vector Arts
  24. WordPress Plugins
  25. WordPress Themes

Graphics You Can Offer for Sale

You can sell the following editable graphics on Shopika.com. Clients can simply purchase, customize, and print these graphics:

  1. After Effects Templates
  2. Badge Stickers
  3. Bottle or Can Packaging Templates
  4. Brochures Templates
  5. Business Cards
  6. Calendars
  7. Card Holder Templates
  8. Certificates
  9. CSS Scripts (Forms, Buttons, and Layouts)
  10. Davinci Resolve Templates
  11. Final Cut Pro Templates
  12. Flyers
  13. Food Menu Cards or Templates
  14. Google Slides
  15. Greeting Cards
  16. Illustrator Add-ons
  17. Invitation Cards
  18. Keynote Templates
  19. Lightroom Presets
  20. Newsletters
  21. Adobe Premiere Pro Templates
  22. PHP Scripts
  23. PowerPoint Templates
  24. Proposals and Invoices
  25. Resumes
  26. Signage
  27. Sound Effects
  28. Transparent Logos
  29. Wallpapers
  30. Web Elements
  31. Wedding Card Invitations

Audio Products You Can Sell

You can create and sell audio products on Shopika.com for use as background sounds. Sound effects that you can sell on Shopika.com include:

  1. Acoustic
  2. Ambient Sounds
  3. Animal Sounds
  4. Children’s Sounds
  5. Cinematic Sounds
  6. Classical Sounds
  7. Drum and Bass Sounds
  8. Game Sounds
  9. Inspiring Sounds
  10. Nature Sounds
  11. Traditional Beats

NOTE: Audios downloaded from the internet will not be accepted.

Products Not Permitted on Shopika Marketplace

Shopika Marketplace exclusively allows the sale of digital products. For a comprehensive list of products that cannot be sold on Shopika.com, please refer to our “Not Allowed Products” page.

Important Points to Remember

NOTE 1: To expedite the approval of your account, provide a brief description of the products you intend to sell when creating your account.

NOTE 2: All products should be uploaded in PDF, DOC, MP3, MP4, or ZIP format. We currently accept only these five formats.

NOTE 3: Please provide a description of the products you intend to sell and follow the illustrated guidelines in this video: “How to Upload a Product.”

To Begin Selling on Shopika Marketplace, create your account on this page: Shopika Start Selling.

Please ensure all communication is in the English language for ease of understanding and engagement.

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