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Airtel 24GB + 1200 Minutes + 10000 SMS (30 Days)


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Kshs 1,900 gets you access to Airtel Monthly 24GB Data Bundle + 1200 Minutes + 10000 SMS. That’s 800MB a day plus 333 SMS plus 40 minutes across networks. At a daily average cost of Kshs 63, this is the best value for money on the market for mixed bundles at Kshs 1,900 price level.

👍 Heaps of minutes. Great stuff.

👍 24 GB is pretty decent

👍 Free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter once you run out of data

Our review conclusions: Among our preferred bundles. Full steam ahead. Well done Airtel!


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Airtel Monthly 24GB Data Bundle + 1200 Minutes + 10000 SMS offers exceptional value for just Kshs 1,900. With a daily allocation of 800MB, 333 SMS, and 40 minutes for cross-network calls, this bundle provides an incredible combination of data, messaging, and talk time.

Priced at an average of Kshs 63 per day, it stands out as the most cost-effective option in the market for mixed bundles at the Kshs 1,900 price range. You’ll have an abundance of minutes to stay connected with your loved ones or conduct business calls.

The generous 24GB data allowance ensures you can browse, stream, and download without worrying about running out of data. And even if you do exhaust your data, you won’t miss out on staying connected with free access to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

In our review, we highly recommend Airtel Monthly 24GB Data Bundle + 1200 Minutes + 10000 SMS as one of our preferred bundles. It offers an impressive range of features, making it a top choice for those seeking an all-inclusive package. Don’t hesitate to grab this excellent deal and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. Well done, Airtel!

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